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Unidentified and actively investigated since 2006.

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What we know

A German radio station broadcasted the song some time between 1982-1984 according to one listener named Anton (under the username of "bluuue"), who recorded the song in its entirety in a mono format.
Thus, the song could be reasonably assumed to have been made prior to 1985.
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Anton recalls that the song was broadcast on Paul Baskerville's radio show Musik für junge Leute on NDR2. Paul does not recall hearing the song once contacted about it. A lady who keeps cassettes of the show doesn't recall the song either.
Due to the accent and location of broadcast, it's assumed that the band responsible is European.
(commonly thrown about are Scandinavian countries, Northern England, Scotland, Ireland and of course Germany.)

Anton's true identity was unknown until very recently...

The story

On April 20, 2019, a Reddit user by the name of u/gabgaskins (Gabriel Vieira) posted the first of many posts asking if anybody had heard the song before.

Here is a post that was made Gabriel in r/tipofmytounge:

"This started in 2006, several people posted in 80's forums asking if anyone knew this song [ . . . ] Many of these songs were discovered after a while, but only this has never been discovered, not even an information. No one knows the band that sings this song, no one knows what country the band is, no one knows what year it is (certainly the '80s), and unfortunately the full song has never been released."

Then on July 9, 2019. Justin Whang would make his video covering the topic in great detail and introducing thousands of people to the song. The newly formed community surrounding the song would then go on to form the subreddit, Discord server, and later, the website you are reading right now.

As of August 20, 2019, Anton's identity was to be revealed as Lydia, who posted on the subreddit notifying everyone that she's the one that's been looking for the song that her brother recorded in the 80s. She has since provided a lossless version of the song which is higher quality, and an mp3 and tracklist to the whole original tape.

Please bear in mind that Shazam is incorrect, "Antwon01" is not linked to the original production of the track.

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